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The story behind 'Born of frustration'

By Cherrie, Jun 28 2017 09:51PM

'Born of frustration' is unusual. It’s one of a few paintings I’ve assigned a title to before I started creating it. And it's one of a small number of pieces where I can clearly recall how I was feeling when I painted it..

The name comes from the title of a single released in 1992 by UK band James. I’ve listened to it many times and have also heard it played live on a number of occasions.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016. I’d had a long, hard day at work, concluding with an evening meeting. I was tired and at 8.54pm the last thing I felt like doing was painting. However, ten days earlier I’d embarked on a challenge I’d set myself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. Day 11 felt a little too soon to abandon it.

So, with little enthusiasm, I climbed the stairs to my studio. Having decided on a title that chimed with how I felt about having to produce a painting that evening, I choose several different blues and a contrasting pistachio. I set to work with little real thought about what I wanted to create, I just wanted to get it done and get to bed. After applying paint with palette knives to an already prepared piece of board, I flicked and flung paint at it, dispersing some of my pent up aggravation in the process. On this occasion I didn't have any difficulty in knowing when to stop. Day 11 of 30 completed and off to bed.

15 months later .....

When I learnt that 'Born of frustration' had been pre-selected for the 2017 Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London my excitement was short-lived, as I realised I need to get it to London the day after we returned from a week’s holiday in Cornwall and just days before the opening of my latest exhibition.

I thought I’d found the perfect solution - an art courier service collecting work for the Mall Galleries from artists in a car park in Penzance the very week we were in Cornwall. What could possibly go wrong?

So there we were in the agree spot at the harbour car park 15 minutes before handover time. We eagerly searched for a white van displaying the name of the courier service. And we were still there, with the painting, an hour later, having failed to make effective contact with the couriers due to a blue tooth malfunction their end!

Emails ensued and I was informed that three other artists had successfully handed over their paintings at the agreed time in the harbour car park - I was the only no show!

Who knows what really happened to that van? After much angst and ruling out several other options, including abandoning the idea of the painting ever making it to London, we made a detour on our way home and dropped the, by now, aptly named ‘Born of frustration’ off at the courier owner’s house in Paignton.

And guess what? It was worth all the effort and frustration as it was selected for inclusion in the Mall Galleries exhibition, which opens next week (4 July 2017).

Born of frustration | acrylic on board | Photo Jade Edwards
Born of frustration | acrylic on board | Photo Jade Edwards
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